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5 Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Wed, Oct 30, 2013 @ 01:55 PM

Screen Shot 2013 11 19 at 10.36.50 AMAccording to HubSpot, your email marketing database degrades by about 25% every year. Clients change their email addresses, buy new computers, switch jobs, opt-out of your email communications, or even use a fake address to keep themselves out of your reach, but as a marketer, it's your job to ensure that your company is constantly communicating with new prospective clients and adding new contacts to grow your email marketing campaigns. So what do you do when you can't keep your numbers above the red?

Email marketing is still one of the top sources for lead nurturing so it's important to spend some time nurturing your campaign. Most consumers enjoy receiving emails, and about 91% of internet users reportedly check their email everyday. Making sure your contacts keep growing isn't always the easiest task, but that also doesn't mean it can't be done either. If you're not working on growing your email list yet, or are still looking for a little guidance, here are 5 simple ways to start building.

Generate remarkable email content. Content is an important aspect of any inbound marketing campaign, including email marketing. If you want people to stay and subscribe, then you will have to produce some truly amazing content for them to crave. If you can intrigue consumers to subscribe, chances are they will also forward your email subscription to their friends, family, coworkers, or colleagues that are't already on your contact list.

Create a new lead generating offer. Creating a new offer like a free ebook or whitepaper can generate a lot of contacts for your email marketing. Require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it, that way you both benefit from your content.

Host an online webinar. Hosting a webinar is another great way to gain contacts for your email marketing campaign. Setup a webinar and collect email addresses at registration. If they are interested in the topic of your webinar, they will probably be interested in your email content too.

Create a free online tool. Creating an online tool resource can help your company to reach prospective email contacts. Ask clients to sign up in order to gain access and use your tool. For example, ImageWorks recently created a free marketing grader to help businesses better understand their marketing.

Promote an online contest. Like any free giveaway, have prospects sign up and submit their email address in order to qualify for the contest. That way, everyone wins!

10 Statistics That Will Change Your Mind About Email Marketing:

  1. 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. (Source: Convince and Convert)

  2. Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate. (Source: GetResponse)

  3. Email marketing as a channel was the third overall lead generation source for marketers in 2013, producing 13% of all leads. (Source: HubSpot)

  4. 38% of email is now opened on a mobile device, with 33% for desktop and 29% for webmail. (Source: Litmus)

  5. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers. (Source: Convince and Convert)

  6.  Subject lines with 30 or fewer characters performed above average in opens, clicks, and click-to-opens. (Source: Adestra)

  7. Click through rate (CTR) is higher when using the recipients first name in the subject line over no use of the first name. (Source: HubSpot)

  8. Triggered email messages yield 71% higher open rate and 102% higher click rates than non-triggered email messages. (Source: Epsilon)

  9. 6 AM has the highest CTR of any hour. (Source: HubSpot)

  10. Most clicked lead nurturing subject line words include secrets, e-sales and awesome. (Source: HubSpot)


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