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Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing Terminology

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Fri, Jan 03, 2014 @ 04:06 PM

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Email marketing is indeed a central part of any inbound marketing campaign, and it can also be a very intimidating task to carry out when you're new. Some companies have thousands of contacts to handle for their email marketing, and you are responsible for sending out emails to those thousands of clients, so there is no room for slip ups, right? 

If you don't know that much about email marketing yet, that's okay, it's why you came here, so keep reading. If you are a seasoned email marketer, even you can still learn a thing or two about new terms, especially since marketing tactics are always changing. It's important to keep up to date with new emerging terms, so that you ensure your marketing campaigns have all the new know-how.
To keep you up to date with your email marketing terms, we here at ImageWorks have compiled a list of terms we think are essential to know.

18 Essential Email Marketing Terms You Should Know.

Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate shows the percentage of email messages that are accepted by the mail server. (Just because it's accepted doesn't mean it makes it to the inbox!)

Bounce Rate: The rate at which your emails are not delivered to its sender. A good bounce rate is under 5%.

Bulk Mail: Sending a mass email to multiple people.

Clicks Per Delivered: A formula that is created by taking the amount of clicks and dividing it by the number of emails that went to the inbox.

Click-Through Rate: The rate at which a user clicks on an email link.

Email Campaign: Emails sent out with a specific marketing goal in mind.

Email Filter: Designed to block emails based on specific key terms in the email or subject line.

Hard Bounce: When an email is rejected due to either a blocked email address, an invalid email address, or an email address that does not exist.

House List: A list of subscribers of your emails, built by the subscribers who consented to receiving your emails.

HTML Email: Allows you to add personality to your emails, as HTML gives the ability to add things such as images to your emails.

email marketing terminology

Landing Page: A link, usually at the bottom of an informational email, that allows the recipient to gain additional information or services described by the email.

Open Rate: The rate at which the marketing campaign emails that you send out are opened.

Opt-In: When a recipient of your emails chooses to subscribe to your emails.

Opt-Out: When a subscriber of your emails chooses to not receive emails from your company anymore.

Personalization: Sending out emails that are catered to the specific person you are emailing -- name, past purchases, etc.

Plain Text Email: An email that does not include any HTML in it. This is typically an email sent as plain text with no pictures, etc.

Soft Bounce: When an email is not delivered due to reasons such as an unavailable email server or a full mailbox.

Spam: Unwanted email, or emails that were sent to someone who did not subscribe to receiving them.

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