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The Role of Content In Video Production Marketing

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Fri, Jan 31, 2014 @ 12:28 PM

Video productionIt is important that your company uses video production, as it has become an essential tool in the marketing world.  Viewers have made video production an expectation rather then an interest.  Video production has continued to grow globally, so much so that Youtube has become the #2 search engine in the world. Viewers are endlessly searching the web, thus constantly being exposed to many types of advertisements and videos. Video production is arguably the most effective way to sell your product as it engages your audience while also providing them with the essential information they need to learn about your company. Additionally, as most advertisements do, video production re-enforces brand recognition, which is important to really getting your product out there.

Video production is an art and many important steps need go into your video production process before you will be satisfied with your finished product. Three important stages that will be essential to producing an effective video are production, distribution and content. It is important to hire a reputable company that will be more then able to create a video that is just right for your product. Working with this sort of company should provide your video with the professional appearance it needs. The distribution aspect is left for the end. Once you are happy with your finished video it is essential to spread the word about your company and product by getting your video out there. This step should include optimizing your video by placing it online in locations that will maximize its presence in search engines. Content is an important aspect to video production that can either make or break your video.

How Does Content Help Video Production?

Content has become the #1 failure point for commercials that air on television. Your video should tell a story that not only highlights your companies values, but also engages the viewers emotionally. The problem with many commercials and online videos today is that they simply do not have a point to them. Which can leave viewers confused and frustrated. It is important to settle the storyline of your video in the early production stages of your video. Additionally, you should have a target audience in mind before producing the video. While your video should engage all sorts of viewers, it is important to target a specific group that the video will appeal to the most.  If your target audience were teenagers, it would be effective to use flashy visuals that draw them in rather than a lot of text. 

Video productionVisual elements also play an essential role to the content of your video. You need to decide what graphics will best highlight the key elements in your video. Sometimes a combination of photographs and video can be useful.  Whatever elements you decide to use, you must sell yourself and your product. The content of your video needs to highlight your company’s assets and really demonstrate what you have to offer. Sometimes is it helpful to produce videos in different lengths, as shorter videos can be more effective in some places. If this is the case, you need to decide what needs to be included in your shortest video versus the longer ones. A lot more can be included in a two-minute video versus a 30 second one. 

There are many different ways a video can portray its content. Testimonials are one way that can be easy and cheap to produce. Highlighting a happy customer may be an effective way to draw other clients in.  Interviewing a real customer can be a convincing way of demonstrating the success of your product. Testimonials may not be the right fit for every product, but there is definitely a time and place were they can be extremely successful. One way to allow customers to see your product in action is to use an instructional video.  What better way to show how your product works and its effectiveness than creating a video that demonstrates this? These videos can sometimes be boring so it is important to keep it lively if this is the way you choose to go. 

Social Media, Instagram Video, and Video Production

As social media becomes more involved in consumers every day life it has also become an effective way to get your product out there. Using Instagram videos and Vine have become popular outlets for companies to use and advertise themselves. Instragram has become a mainstream part of social media and major brands have begun using this app as another place to advertise. 40% of the top 1,000 most popular Instragram videos are now from brands.  Vine only hosts six second videos and while this may seem way too short it is actually much more effective than you think. Although this time frame can be too brief to get a point across, it is short enough that it is almost guaranteed the viewer will watch the entire thing. No matter what way to decide to go with your video it is important to always use effective content in the video that will intrigue and engage your viewers!

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