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Why should you hire a video production company?

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 @ 12:32 PM

CT video productionAs inbound marketing continues to dominate the marketing world, people have begun to grow a greater interest in online videos and they are being watched more then ever.  Over 100 million people watch some sort of video on the Internet every day.  Companies are beginning to focus more and more on the Internet and specifically online marketing videos because simply, they sell.  Videos are interactive and engage the viewer while also entertaining them.  They have the ability to show a product or service in action while also presenting a consistent message and reinforcing brand recognition.  Not only is video production cost-effective, but also people are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service after seeing a video for it.  Motion creates emotion and engaging the viewer with a video can be an extremely persuasive marketing technique.  According to Forbes, about 60% of senior executives would rather watch a video then read text.  If senior executives, who grew up without video, are now saying that they would rather watch a video then read text, it is clear that video can be very successful and is important for a company to use. 

With that being said, a mediocre video that is used for business can be worse than no video at all.  It is important you create a video that is professional and right for your product.  So you finally purchased an inexpensive camera and some production equipment and are ready to produce your own video? Return it.  While home video production can work occasionally, it is important your company hires a video production company that will produce a professional video that will make your company look great!

Here are some differences between producing a video at home versus hiring a video production company:


While you may feel like you are able to purchase a cheap set of equipment that will work for producing a video at home, it is likely the case that this will not appear professional enough.  Video production companies have only the best equipment and can provide your company with top-notch production gear that can take your video to the next level.  These companies are constantly updating their equipment to stay competitive with their competition so you are sure to get the best products on the market.  It is important that the quality of your video appears professional and home videos can be shaky, fuzzy and sometimes just look like a hot mess.  Aside from video quality, video production companies will also ensure that you have great audio and voice-overs that are clear and easy to hear.


This comes without saying much.  If you are in the video production business you must have talent.  While you may be able to rave about your product or service for hours on end, a video production company is essential for focusing on a story line and creating fresh new content.  A product wont sell just by having the owners write a script that tells us why their product is great, anyone can do that.  With this being said, you are the best person to talk about your product, but you need to work with a video production company to ensure that you provide the right balance between strong content and why people should buy your product. 


A video production company is extremely connected in the production industry and has many contacts and connections that can be essential in your production process.  They can use these connections to get help from outside companies that can provide them with services that you are not able to find yourself.  Need a voice over done in Spanish? Or even in Korean?  This is where a video production company can use their connections to make sure that you have all of your needs taken care of, no matter how difficult or extreme they may seem.


A video production company brings in experts to produce your video.  These people have had professional experience producing videos for national television and are very talented at what they do.  Any profession takes years to master and you need expertise in order to create a video that will be successful for your company.  Video production companies will use their expertise and resources to produce a video for your product or service that is extremely professional.  Additionally, by hiring a video production company you are bringing in an outside viewer who has a new perspective on your video idea and it is essential to have other people look at things with a fresh set of eyes. 


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