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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a Video Production Company?

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Wed, Aug 06, 2014 @ 02:20 PM

ct video productionWe’ve all seen our fair share of poorly made corporate videos. You know the ones we mean: The script is cliché; the volume never seems to be exactly right; and within a minute of viewing, your eyes are already glazed over! We are now ushering in the next generation of digital cinema so be ready. Companies are beginning to focus more and more on the Internet and specifically online marketing videos because simply, they sell.  Videos are interactive and engage the viewer while also entertaining them.  They have the ability to show a product or service in action while also presenting a consistent message and reinforcing brand recognition.  Not only is video production cost-effective, but also people are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service after seeing a video for it.  Motion creates emotion and engaging the viewer with a video can be an extremely persuasive marketing technique. 

New Insight

Sometimes it’s good to have a new set of eyes look in on a business. A good video production company will be a partner that really gets to know the product, service and brand values of your organization. However, video inherently is a creative process, and as an outside entity, they’ll be able to provide a fresh perspective or spin that you may not be able to see. This can manifest itself in ways both surprising and subtle, allowing your brand to view your own offerings from a new, slightly different perspective.


Technology is always shifting and adapting. As part of the job, professional video production companies make it their job to keep up with trends and new technology. A video production company brings in experts to produce your video.  These people have had professional experience producing videos for national television and are very talented at what they do.  Any profession takes years to master and you need expertise in order to create a video that will be successful for your company.  Video production companies will use their expertise and resources to produce a video for your product or service that is extremely professional. 

Saves Time

Ultimately, the effectiveness of any video campaign depends on the element of storytelling combined with the latest technological innovations. The business message should not only be clear but interesting as well, and the most relevant tools should be used to convey that message. If you a let a team of professionals handle these tasks for you, you and your staff will have all the time in world to focus on the core competencies of the business. After all, these videos are being produced to get more customers, right?


You can ask your friends to star in your videos, but will they have the level of commitment that a professional video production company offers? Probably not. Hiring professionals’ means that the complete production process carries along in a fixed, deadline oriented timetable. This actually leads to greater efficiency than if you were to produce these videos yourself. Not to mention, if you are planning to launch a video series, the professionalism of a video production company is the best option.

The choice of whether or not to go professional when creating a video for your business shouldn’t be a difficult one. Though most people have the tools to make their own videos, it doesn’t mean they should. In the age of YouTube and smartphones, it may not always be safe for your company’s reputation to just point, shoot and upload. A video of our work for NBMoAA is included below the FREE Guide to Business Video!

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