What Metrics Should I Use To Measure The Success Of My Blog?

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Fri, Mar 27, 2015 @ 03:30 PM

Blog MetricsMaintaining a blog is a great way to promote your website and your brand image, while offering your site visitors valuable content. So, you go ahead and create a blog and now you have invested a lot of time into creating some really powerful gripping content; however, now you are stuck in the mud, as you are not sure how well your blog is performing. Well, in this post we will discuss six key metrics that will help you to evaluate and measure the success of your blog.

Bounce Rate

Your website's bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who came to your website and chose to either click the back button or close the entire window. This metric serves as an indicator of how many people come to your website and quickly decide that it is not exactly what they were looking for. The visitor's decision is a result of a number of contributing elements.

It is likely that your product or service simply didn't match their needs, or perhaps your website was difficult to navigate. Also, visitors may be leaving in droves if your site isn't mobile friendly or if you don't feature a clear value proposition. With that being said, it's important that you prioritize and resolve any and all elements that could be taking away from the first impression your website gives off. Be sure that you're focused on defining a clear navigation path, implementing a responsive design, and making the value clear to any site visitors.

Unique Visitors

The most basic blog metric to track is how many unique visitors your blog is getting. Tracking this metric will help you understand how many people are viewing all of your hard work. If after months of bloggin you sitll have low numbers, invest some time into promoting your blog and content through social media.

Pages Per Visit

Another important blog metric to track is the number of pages a reader views each time they visit. This is a great indicator on how interested readers are with your content. In fact, when you are analyzing your metrics, it would be beneficial to look at bounce rate and pages per visit at the same time. In addition, you could also look at the average length of time they stay to measure engagement. If blog readers are staying on the blog for long amounts of time it could easily to be assumed that your visitors are engaged and actively reading your blog’s content.

Traffic From Search Engines

As you know, blogs help to increase your search engine visibility. You can help your sites search engine optimization by regularly creating fresh new content. If you are noticing that traffic from search engines is low, try to cater your content more around the terms people are actively searching for. If you still aren't confident in your keyword research skills, check out "How To Do Keyword Research For SEO." By maintaining a detailed SEO checklist, you can fix website errors and learn where to put keywords on your website-- all of which can help to boost your ranking.

Keyword Tracking

To properly ensure that you are optimizing your company's website, it is important that you are keeping track of the keywords that your website is currently ranking for in search engines. If you are a HubSpot user, the keywords tool will become an important role in your keyword strategy. This tool makes it easy for users to organize their personalized list of keywords based on rank, visits, and difficulty.

Conversion to Subscribers

Finally, how many subscribers are you converting? Subscribers are the lifeblood of a blog. And by subscribing to receive updates, they’re giving you the chance to build more trust with them. This means you’ve moved people down another step of your sales funnel. You’re building a precious marketing asset, and you’ve been given permission to develop a relationship with them.

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