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Benefits of Facebook for a Business

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Wed, Sep 03, 2014 @ 02:02 PM


Social Media Marketing via FacebookIn the information driven time period that exists today, businesses are constantly competing on new platforms for potential clients. The social media revolution has changed the landscape of business outreach and for a business to succeed and expand in the modern day; it must have the ability to find clients virally. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have established themselves as successful tools for web based business outreach but a giant in the industry came late to the party.

Facebook is traditionally a communications based website designed for peer interaction. It has been labeled too social to be associated with business promotion, but this is exactly why it is becoming the next big social media-marketing tool.

Facebook is used by more than 25 million small businesses and has over 19 billion individuals worldwide. This is a tremendous networking platform that any business can use to answer the looming question of, "How do I attract new customers?"


A business must attract clients who would seem interested in their product before the networking phase begins; and that starts with hiring a reputable design firm to create a Facebook page that properly reflects the business, is easy to navigate, and provides the potential customer with all the information required to answer their questions. This can be done through daily wall posts notifying Facebook friends or by stating what the business intends to do for the customer on its “About” page. A visually pleasing page can draw the eye, and that’s the first step, and the pages content is what draws the customer.


Facebook is the largest networking site on the planet.  It connects millions of people to one another daily. While it seems to be here to stay, Facebook can easily go away as quickly as it appeared (just think about Myspace). While Facebook is still here, it provides a business with all the contact information of its “Friends” that follow the businesses page. Emails, phone numbers, home addresses: a business can keep the customer in the loop 24/7 through email promotions and e-cards, phone calls, and greeting letters to maintain a successful and friendly relationship.


A very common way that potential customers discover businesses on Facebook is through the daily interactions that take place on the businesses page. With every notification, like, post, or comment shared on the businesses page, it will be seen by all of its followers. This availability of information allows followers to have daily interaction with the business, and if the follower were to post, share, or comment about a business on their wall, then all of the follower’s friends will see that notification. The word of mouth on a business can spread like wildfire. All of a sudden, a business has ten new followers who are now potential clients. With every ten new followers, brings another ten, and another ten as the business grows exponentially.


The beauty of modern day technology is that an individual is never not connected. The mobile Facebook app, that can be found on IPhone and Droid app stores, allows a business to have constant contact with a customer. Facebook offers unique search tools that let users find businesses in their surrounding area. Facebook Nearby is a local search engine that allows users to browse business categories and view locations of what’s around them on a map. The ability to use the locator on the map also provides the viewer with step-by-step directions to the location of said business. With today’s society moving one hundred miles an hour, and over half of all Facebook views now happening via mobiles, the Facebook mobile app is just one new way for users to find new business pages on their mobile devices.


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