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Blogging Tips: Why Blogging is Beneficial for Business

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 01:21 PM

The 21st century has become a time where the access to information is immediate and at an individuals fingertips. With this amazing ability to research at the click of a button, people and businesses have begun blogging anything and everything that pops into their head. While most of these blogs are incredibly useless, many blogs are key assets in providing and finding information. For most businesses, blogging is a fantastic way for providing potential customers with useful information as well as up to date knowledge of the business. Therefore, businesses have turned to them as a marketing tool. Here are five reasons why blogging is good for business:

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A businesses blog gives a business the opportunity to create relevant content for its customers. It is a fantastic marketing tactic to direct traffic to the businesses' website.

A business should make its blog on their online page the foundation for all of its social media platforms. A business may be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn so it must post links, with relevant visuals, of its blog to its social media pages. Give your social media followers a reason to click through your website.

Establishing a Business

Blogs are an effective way to let customers know what your business is all about and the types of products and services that you offer. Blogs provide a way to let customers know that you are the leader or expert of your field. The most beneficial aspect of a blog to a business is its available outreach. A business can reach thousands and even millions of current and potential clients through blogging and online availability.

Positioning Your Brand as an Industry Leader

Well-written articles demonstrate your company as an industry leader. By posting topics which resonate with your intended market and show a businesses knowledge of an industry, you are marketing yours skills for the business, service and product as well. For example, if a retailer writes a blog about your business or a product, customers will get to know you as the knowledge source for the products that they want. This relationship builds a trusting bond between customer and the company and will result in the customer’s continual return. The more a business can show that it’s well-versed in its field, the more likely the customer will trust it to supple them with what they require. The customers additionally benefit from the knowledgeable information the businesses blog provided.

Developing Better Customer Relationships

Blogs provide another source to further the connection with its customers. By connecting directly with a businesses website, clients are able to get to know your business or product from the comfort of a businesses online homepage. As stated previously, build trust by being a source of information. Customers like to be informed and appreciate that your business is the one teaching them. Additionally, just as a business would on its social media sites, respond to comments made on your blog and interact with your customers. If they have questions about something that was blogged, respond to them directly on your website. A blog is generally searchable on your site for a period of time so your websites posts remain visible longer than a Twitter or Facebook post. It is a cascading effect; once one customer responds to a post more will follow.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Blogging is an essential way for a business to promote their brand. Promote upcoming sales and events directly to your blog. Blogs have proven to be a great marketing tool when it comes to informing everyone of special news, what’s new in your company and new services your business is offering. 


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