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Why Medical Marketers Need Inbound Marketing

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Wed, Oct 15, 2014 @ 02:15 PM

Medical MarketingTraditionally, medical marketers have focused their efforts on reaching out to the masses, hoping that out of the hundreds or thousands of healthcare professionals who heard their message, a few of them might become customers. Recently, however, this approach has changed. Inbound marketing focuses heavily on creating engaging and valuable content that attracts people who need what you are selling. Medical device professionals can absolutely benefit from inbound marketing.

Continue reading below to discover four benefits to integrating inbound marketing into your medical marketing strategy.

Rethink the website 

Today’s website is a commons for communication and interaction, instead of a brochure for making branding statements. Medical device marketers must look at their websites from the point of view of the target audience and make sure they truly reflect the “what’s in it for me” philosophy.

Your practice's website may be the first and only opportunity you have to present yourself as credible and trustworthy. ImageWorks designs custom, professional medical websites that will build patient confidence in your practice, drive more visitors to your website, and convert more visitors into patients. We understand that each medical practice is different and has individual needs. Our custom websites are beautifully designed to make an impression on each visitor, supported by expert content development that will communicate your practice's unique value. 

Increased Accessibility Through Social Media

Although the social media world might seem more like the popular hangout of the young and tech-savvy, medical device marketers need to become very familiar with some social media networks as quickly as they possibly can.

According to the Hubspot report, 62% of companies said that social media had become more important as a source of leads. As more consumers, physicians, and purchasing agents turn to social media for information, they will want to work with companies that are already there providing information and engaging in conversation.

Social media also empowers patients to take control of their health needs, including the information they receive - a thing that changes healthcare marketing completely.   

Helping Patients Make A Purchase Decision

While inbound marketing content is created with the intent to be informative and relevant to patients, you also want to help your prospective patients make a purchase decision. In addition to blog posts, companies who use inbound marketing also leverage premium content offers and email marketing communications to provide potential customers with company information that will help them when they need to make a purchase decision.

Whereas blogs are public-facing and available to all, premium offers like webinars and e-book downloads require visitors to enter their email addresses on a landing page in order to obtain the desired content. When a visitor fills out the form to access this content, a lead is created. This is online lead generation at its simplest and most effective. For businesses seriously considering their website as an enabler of growth, the marketing efficiency behind these tactics is undeniable. Inbound marketing allows doctors to provide patients with the information they need to decide which doctor is right for them as well.

Your Competitors Are Online

You can’t avoid this: more and more organizations are increasing their online presence and the trend is continuing everyday! You need a presence online. With inbound marketing you can provide the necessary information, under your terms online, to keep your name and your brand at the top of the medical industry.

Final Thoughts

You have an important choice. You can carry on with the status quo and accept the results, or change the destination for your company. While many businesses will opt to stay within their comfort zone, the disrupters have an opportunity to beat the odds with new marketing methods aimed at stimulating buyers with messages that matter to them. There are lots of obstacles to overcome in building a content creation ecosystem within a medical device company, but it can be done, and we are here to help!

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