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4 Things To Add To Your Inbound Marketing To-Do List

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Wed, Dec 31, 2014 @ 11:54 AM

Inbound Marketing To Do ListIt is essential to have an effective inbound marketing strategy. The main problem for many companies is that thye aren't sure what they should be focusing on. Although it may seem like a petty thing to do, it never hurts to create a handy "to-do" list. After all, if it is good enough for your groceries, it's good enough for your business! If these four things have not been added to your inbound marketing to-do list, you're missing out on some great opportunities.

Bring Infographics To Your Blogging Experience

 A blog with nothing but a sea of text can be quite boring for modern readers. Human beings are naturally visual creatures who respond well when presented with a picture to go along with text. There is likely sound scientific reasoning behind this, but whatever the reason may be, even the simplest of pictures can make the words seem more inviting. The best pictures to add to your blog are infographics (pictures that also provide information to the reader). This could be a chart, diagram, or other relevant piece of information.

Point to Your Content and Offers Online, Cautiously

This can be a perilous path to take if you don't know how to handle yourself. Many companies use Facebook and Twitter to post advertisements for their business every day. But the truth is, most people hate to be advertised to on a regular basis. Instead, provide information on social media that will help potential customers and point them toward your online content and offers sparingly.


Webinars carry the video experience further because they are interactive. If a potential client finds a video and is intrigued by your content, they are more likely to sign up for an upcoming webinar. If you host videos within your website, this is an ideal page to incorporate a call to action to invite them to receive webinar notifications. Hubspot recommends offering exclusive resources or information, utilize guest presenters, and gather feedback to improve future webinars.

Don't Forget To Get Involved With Your Community

There has been a steady increase in online marketing in recent years, so many businesses have begun to forsake the use of community as a driving force behind their business. Truth is, your local community can very often take a small or medium-sized business and shoot it into the sky due to good word-of-mouth. And of course, don't forget about the online community that can often make or break a business. Pay attention to what they expect from your company and follow through.

If your to-do list is missing any of these tips, be sure to add them. Learning the best practices when it comes to an inbound marketing strategy can be a long process, but is worth the effort. Good luck!

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