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7 Tips To Optimize Emails For Lead Generation

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Fri, Jan 02, 2015 @ 11:28 AM

Email MarketingIt is quite difficult to define the most effective way to attract, convert and close leads through email campaigns. Just when you think you have figured out a strategy that works, it stops working. Effective email lead generation necessitates a lot of trial and error before your define your best approach. Below you will find some of our best tips and tricks to help you generate even more leads from your marketing emails.

Identify Behavior Patterns

If you are implementing marketing automation software like Hubspot, you can peruse your contact's past behavior to identify patterns. Perhaps you segment all of the people who downloaded offer X and send them one variation of an email, and send contacts that downloaded offer Y a unique variation that better aligns with their research.

The Subject Line

Many people report that the open email based off of the subject line, so it's clear that this is an important aspect of your email marketing endeavors. Before you send your email, ask yourself, "why should my audience care about this email?" Challenging yourself to answer this question will make it easier for you to craft a subject line that speaks directly to the reader's needs.

While vague subject lines can be used in some situations to stir up curiosity, it's best to keep it straightforward. 

Exercise Brevity

Attention spans are short (to say the least.) If you want to improve the effectiveness of your copy, cut it in half. 

Focus on saying what you need to say in as few words as possible, while using short paragraphs and bulleted lists to ease readability.

Create Interest

Email copy doesn't have to be boring and stiff. You can increase engagement by sharing a compelling statistic or telling a relative story. 

Our brains are wired for storytelling, so if you want to ensure that your message resonates with your audience, try to connect it to a relative event or situation in your life.

The Call-To-Action: Create Contrast

If you want to generate leads from your email marketing initiatives, it's critical that you have a highly visible CTA every time. 

This CTA will be responsible for carrying your recipients to wherever it is they need to go to complete the conversion. 

The email recipients should ideally be able to spot your CTA within an instant. To make sure this happens, you should use a high contrast color that stands out against the background, helping to draw the recipient’s eye to the action you want them to take.

Email Yourself Test Drafts

This tip won’t take very long. Send yourself a test email. How does it look? Does it pop? Does it get lost? If you're scrolling and skimming as so many do, what would make you stop and read your email? Some graphics or keywords that pop out at you?

If your email doesn’t offer anything that pops out at you, it isn't going to do so for a perfect stranger whom you're trying to convert into a client

Optimize for mobile

You’ve heard it before. We’ll tell you again. Return Path points out that 63 percent of U.S. consumers delete emails immediately if they are not optimized for mobile. Make sure that you have less text that is well spaced out and that your content is highlighted. Reduce the fine print to what is required and put in pictures that are relevant. Pictures help break the monotony of reading and help with cognition. Design your email well - think about putting pictures in a frame, they need to look pleasing.

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