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Good to Great? How about Gold to Platinum in 8 Weeks...

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Wed, Oct 23, 2019 @ 06:01 PM

The Ramblings of a madman about my recent stint in the Project Lion Bootcamp 1531.Jeffrey

Go Team.

OK. Maybe it's going to take a little longer to actually move from Gold to Platinum than 8 weeks, but not much. Our pipeline is filled, and we have new deals developing every day. Why you ask? How you ask? What the #^%! is up with THAT you ask? The answer is simple. Ok, simple x 3.

Knowhow, tools, and execution.

The pipeline is designed to, simply put, tell you how to generate leads for yourself, get this...based on actual data of thousands of other agencies and what's working for them. Who knew there was a model for success? That's the Knowhow.

The tools? Ummm....yeah, there's lot's of them too. Sample scripts, answers to objections, guides, practice sessions, templates, and information from all of those who walked before. A little R&D (Ripoff and Duplicate) never hurt anyone!!! And...

Execution. What is the point of all of the wisdom in the world with none of the knowledge of how to apply it? Think that Wisdom and knowledge are the same thing? Well....Knowledge is that the Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is that you don't put a Tomato in a fruit salad. 

Dan Tyre elevates (and energizes) the attendees of said Boot Camp to a level where failure is not an option. Picking up that 10,000 pound telephone receiver is not an easy thing, but if you do it repeatedly, following a process, and getting results, well my friends, it gets a whole lot lighter. 

Being accountable to Dan, your CAM, and the other members of the Boot Camp makes this a bit daunting, and the commitment is not for everyone, but as any successful person will tell you, real growth comes from leaving your comfort zone. 

I left mine about 10 minutes into the first week. Why?


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