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How Do I Grow My Email Subscription List?

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Fri, Jan 29, 2016 @ 03:30 PM

Growing-An-Email-Subscription-LIstIs your site's traffic lost in the doldrums? Email marketing is an effective method for driving targeted traffic to your website, helping you to increase sales.
According to eMarketer, "for 69.7% of US internet users, email is the preffered method of communicating with businesses" (Source).

Obviously, email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools in a marketers toolbox. So, how can you create actionable growth for your email marketing lists? In this post we will discuss several main methods for growing a healthy email subscription list.

Link To Offers Requiring Email Signups

Is it easy for site visitors to find your subscription options? You don't want to send visitors on a scavenger hunt just to sign up for emails. As a best practice, you should keep your offers visible, including calls-to-action on most pages of your web site. Consider placing eye-catching CTA's on your website's homepage, the main page of your blog, as well as your "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages. On top of that, whenever you create new resources for your site visitors, require them to fill out a form to receive the collateral. As long as you dont' request too much information in the form, visitors shouldn't feel threatened entering their email address and name.

Host A Webinar

Hosting a webinar can be an incredibly effective method for collecting email addresses from your social media followers and web visitors. Not only does the webinar provide you with an opportunity to further educate prospects, but you can also capture their email addresses. Also, while you can request sign-up for the initial webinar, you can also put the webinar on your site, gated by a form requiring an email address. There is a wide variety of existing webinar tools to make this process easy.  Some of the more popular tools for hosting webinars include: 

Consider this: If you promise attendees exciting and valuable content, why wouldn’t they want to sign up?

Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

Use your own social network to request that people sign up for your newsletter, but also use it as an opportunity to share useful content. Certainly, you need to make sure not to be too pushy, just use the opportunity to explain the value inherent in signing up for your newsletter.

Utilize Your Existing Subscriber's Social Network

Whenever you get the opportunity, encourage your existing subscribers to share your content, using incentives to prod them in the right direction. You may be taken aback by loyal subscribers willing to share your brand's content. Also, your current subscribers are likely to share your brand with other like-minded individuals, who probably share similar interests, meaning that they will likely be just as thrilled to subscribe to what your brand has to offer. If you provide the right incentives to your existing subscribers, you will inspire brand loyalty and continued engagement.

ImageWorks, LLC

If you're looking to generate leads, engage with your customers, or promote a brand, service, or product, you may want to develop a strategic email marketing campaign to educate and influence your prospects. ImageWorks, LLC can work with you to improve your current marketing plan, overcome your challenges, achieve your goals, and meet deadlines. By creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, you can attract qualified prospects to your business and keep them coming back for more. We cover each and every step taken, tool used, and lifecycle stage to help assist the customer, effectively helping to empower marketers to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers, and delight promoters.
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