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How Often Should My Business Post on Social Media?

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Sat, Jul 29, 2017 @ 01:30 PM

Social media is a crucial part of marketing and growing your company’s brand in this day and age. It’s not enough to have social media accounts, though. There is a certain amount of precision involved in posting the right content at the right frequency and at the right time of day. So how often should your business be posting on social media? Here are some tips to figure it out.

General Guidelines

There are no specific rules to posting on social media, however, there are certain guidelines. Check out this infographic from coschedule.com that outlines general guidelines for posting on each social media outlet.

How often to post on social media infographic 

Determining Appropriate Frequency

These guidelines are a great place to start when creating a social media strategy. However, following these guidelines won’t guarantee results. It’s important to monitor your social media accounts in order to make adjustments to your posting frequency. Here are some different tactics to determine how often your business should post on social media.

Track Followers

You should track the growth of your friends and followers over time. Look into the demographics of your audience so you can better match their habits. Knowing who your followers are and what their habits are like will help you determine proper frequency for posting. 

Identify Optimal Times for Engagement

It’s important to identify the best times to post your content. Monitor your followers’ daily activity and identify when they are most active on social media. Look into studies that identify proper times for posting as well. Study your own social media and identify which times of day your posts seem to get the most engagement. Publishing content at times where your posts will get the most traction is crucial in understanding when and how often you should post.

Track Engagement

Monitor all of your social media posts for likes, reactions, comments, retweets, shares, etc. Identify which types of posts get the most engagement and traction. If your posts, in general, are not getting much engagement, it would not make sense to post more frequently. Instead, you should rethink your social media strategy. Monitoring the engagement with your social media posts will help you determine what you should be posting and how often.

Monitor Mentions

Engagement with your posts is important, but you should also look into who is talking about your business on social media and what they are saying. When users mention your business on social media, it promotes your brand. It’s important to study these mentions in order to respond to them appropriately. If there are certain times of day where users are mentioning your brand more frequently, it’s a good idea to up your postings at that time of day.


ImageWorks, LLC | Social Media Management

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