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How to Find the Best Local SEO Company

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Thu, May 10, 2018 @ 10:05 AM

local seoSEO is an important part of marketing your business. In this day and age, an online presence is crucial to remaining relevant. The best way to have strong SEO on your website is to hire an SEO company. If you’re a smaller business, chances are you’d prefer to work with a local SEO company. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you find the right SEO company for your business!


How to Find the Best Local SEO Company

And: (Why Local is Better)

Why should you look for a local SEO company? Well, most obviously, local means easy access, reducing the necessary travel for meetings. However, local SEO companies are likely to be more attentive than non-local ones, answering all of your phone calls, attending to your needs, and regularly checking up on you to make sure you’re still happy. A local SEO company is also more likely to know your business as well as your market, customers, and the area in which you’re located. Lastly, if you’re a local business, it’s always a good idea to support other local business.

Ask For References

When considering local SEO companies, you should ask for references. Ask them for case studies in which they can demonstrate their strategies and their success. You should also ask for past customers that you can speak with to talk about their experiences with the company. In addition to the information you can learn through these references, the amount of references a company has will demonstrate their reliability and success. You should look for a company with strong reviews and references that has a proven track record of success- It's one of the easiest ways to find the best local SEO Company.

Utilize Google

Google is an important tool to help you look for a local SEO company. When you search for a local SEO company in Google, your first results will be the local section. Google ranks local businesses near you offering the services you’re looking for. You should also use Google to investigate the SEO of any companies with which you’re considering doing business. Companies with good rankings on Google and good SEO are clearly experts at SEO tactics. You should be weary of any company offering SEO services that does not have good SEO itself.

Know Your Needs and Goals

When looking for a local SEO company, it’s important to have a good idea of what you’re hoping to get out of their services. You should make a list of what you need from them and what your goals are. When you have a good idea of this information, you can determine whether the company will be a good match to help you achieve these goals. You should look at the company’s strategies and make sure they align with what you’re trying to accomplish. Look for a company that wants to work with you to develop a strategy and help you achieve your goals, rather than their own. 

Learn About Their Services

When deciding on an SEO company, you should learn about all of their services. You should look into their typical SEO practices, but you should also learn what other services they offer. Do they blog to contribute to SEO? Do they handle social media? Reputable companies will offer digital marketing services in addition to simple SEO. Typically, these companies can use a combination of these services to create the ideal marketing strategy for each customer. If you’re looking to improve your site’s SEO, you should look for a company that understands the entire scope of digital marketing.

Ask General SEO Questions

If you have questions about SEO and how it works, don’t be afraid to ask these questions when learning about different companies! Asking general SEO questions is a great way to learn about a company’s expertise in the field. Be sure to ask about the latest trends in SEO, as the best companies will know about the latest changes and how they can work for your business’s website. Asking about SEO is a great way to help you learn about the services you’re paying for while making sure you’re hiring the best company for the job.


ImageWorks, LLC | CT Search Engine Optimization

While professional SEO services can offer many opportunities to your business, you should never depend on SEO alone for the growth of your business. The companies that thrive on the online world have a comprehensive approach and utilize both online and offline marketing strategies. SEO can be a big piece; however, it is only one slice of the marketing pie.

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