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How to Spot a Bad Web Design Company

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Mon, Oct 17, 2022 @ 02:00 PM

Spot a Bad Website DesignerEach month when we bring in new clients, there are a few who are bound to have been mistreated by a web designer in the past.

Cleaning up or fixing another developer's mistakes is one of the least exciting parts of the job; however, we relish the opportunity to dispel any notions of distrust and prove our worth to new clients.

Check out a few telltale signs that will help you to spot a bad web design company before you end up under contract with a website you hate.

Do They Offer Other Services Beyond Web Design?

There is a multitude of web design companies for you to choose from. When you plan for a website design or redesign, it’s best to search for a company that offers integrated services to fully support your digital needs. Hiring a single company to provide strategy, design, development and Inbound marketing services will help your business to stay organized. Additionally, it allows your business to establish a more comprehensive, effective Internet presence, as the company will fully understand your goals and can effectively develop a cohesive strategy to achieve them.

Is There A Contract Or Do They Want More Than 50% Of Full Price Upfront?

Typically, web development companies may ask for up to 50% payment up front with the balance due when the website launches. If they want more than 50% of the project cost up front, it's in your best interest to keep looking. Additionally, If they suggest working without a contract, don't bother continuing the conversation. A contract is essential, as it protects parties, outlines responsibilities, delivery timeline, and other expectations.

Does Their Portfolio Appeal To You?

A good web design firm will be willing to share a portfolio of completed sites. Their own site may be stellar, but if you are less than impressed with their previous projects, that's a big red flag. If you are paying for a professional custom design firm, their work shouldn't look like it was created from a standard template either.

Is The Price Too Good To Be True?

It’s easy to think you’ve discovered a great deal when a developer offers you an estimate for $750.00 to build your businesses’ world-changing website. Yet, it’s important that you stop to consider—Why is this website priced so cheap? Unfortunately, there are many reasons for this and none of them are enticing:
  • They work a full time job and are only designing websites as a secondary job to rake in some extra cash. When you need their help, they are at their real job.
  • They are a newcomer to the industry and don’t have much real experience.
  • They’re not confident in their own skills
  • They want the opportunity to upsell you on more expensive packages for SEO, Social Media, or Inbound marketing.

Can You Meet The People Who Will Be Working On Your Site?

You would be surprised with the number of agencies who outsource work. Outsourcing can turn out fine; however, outsourcing can create inconsistency in terms of process, talent and relationships. Find out if the business you are interested in has the full project team in-house and also ask when they can begin your project- this will help to ease your mind, knowing that you are hiring the team they are proposing to be.

Who’s Responsible For Making Changes To The Site?

What type of system does the web design firm have if you need to make a change to your site? Do they offer content management systems that will enable your business to make certain changes on your own, or will you have to go through a long string of e-mails and phone calls? Know what the plan is for site maintenance before signing any contracts. 

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