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How to Use Meta Descriptions to Reach More Customers

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Jun 01, 2022 @ 10:49 AM

There are 3.5 billion Google searches every day. When a consumer has a problem, it is common to go online toDepositphotos_85826310_S search for an answer. What makes us chose one product over another online? First, we must choose which website to click on. Your meta description is responsible for attracting new customers to your page. Here’s how to use meta descriptions to reach more customers.

What Is A Meta Description?

The meta description of your website page will appear under the blue hyperlink in the search results. It’s that blurb of information about the content on the suggested website. Often, businesses will create enticing meta descriptions to reach more customers. More than 50% of shoppers use Google to discover or find a new brand. Make your brand stand out online with these 7 tips of how you can use meta descriptions to reach more customers.

How You Can Use It to Reach More Customers

Answer a Question

Get in your customer’s head and try to answer the question they are asking with your meta description. 46% of product searches start on Google. When a customer is trying to find something they need online, they often ask a question. Let your content answer your customers questions by giving small details in your meta description.

Entice Readers with a Call to Action

Create a sense of urgency in by using a call to action in your meta description. Using the appropriate language will make readers want to take action. Use language like, “Learn More!” or “Sign Up Today!” to entice readers to click on your link. Enticing readers with a call to action will help you to use your meta description to reach more customers.

Don’t Overuse Keywords

It’s important for your meta description to have keywords, but don’t overuse them! Overusing keywords can make your meta description long and confusing. Shorten your description by only including one or two keywords.

Avoid Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Although it’s not a crime to use duplicate meta description on your website, it certainly will hurt your ranking on Google. When you have too many identical descriptions, search engines will flag your content as low-quality. Avoid using duplicate meta descriptions if you want to reach more customers.

Keep It at Optimal Length

It is recommended to stay under or around the 155 characters limit when writing your meta description. Descriptions with text longer than 155 characters will likely get cut off by search engines. Put the most important text in the beginning of your description to get the attention of potential customers.

Consider the Customer’s Mindset

Why should the customer buy your product? Consider where their mindset is at when writing your meta description. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to get an idea of what they want to see for an attractive meta description. What does an outsider looking in see when reading your content?

Keep it Unique for Reader’s

Keep your content fresh with new, unique ideas that will keep your customer’s coming back for more. Old, repetitive content can get boring fast. Your content should not only attract new customers but also be strong enough to retain your current customers. Remember, your meta description is one of the first interactions new customers have with your brand. Keep your meta description unique for readers if you want to reach more customers.

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