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Should I Rebuild My Website in WordPress?

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Tue, Aug 15, 2017 @ 12:00 PM


Is your website unorganized, confusing, or ineffective at achieving the results you’re looking for? If you’re having problems with your website, it may be time to start from scratch. And, if you’re going to start from scratch, there are many choices for Content Management Systems and development platforms. Among the most popular is WordPress. WordPress is an easy to manage system that can yield the results you’re looking for. This article is designed to help you decide if you should rebuild your website in Wordpress.


Originally created as a blogging platform, Wordpress has grown into a full fledged Web development platform with a Content Management System built right in. This means that after the site is developed, anyone with even the most basic computer skills can manage and update the content of the Website, changing the messaging whenever they wish.

It also means that a blog will already be built in to your site, making it easy to set up email subscriptions, commenting capabilities, and social sharing applications. With sites that do not have blogs built in, it can be difficult to add the capability and often results in an awkward, unprofessional looking blog. Because WordPress emphasizes blogging, it has features such as automatically adding recent blogs to other pages of your site, such as your home page. So, if marketing the Website and your company is of any importance to you, this can be a huge advantage.

Technical Advantages

WordPress regularly updates its system for security, support, and overall effectiveness. These updates ensure that your website will always be running on the most advanced security and technology available. Regular updates to your CMS mean that your website will always be on the cutting edge.

Growth Advantages

WordPress has an extremely large variety of plugins to help customize your site. You can add forms to your site, ecommerce, a gallery, and much more. These plugins allow you to bring functionality to your website without any knowledge of coding. This allows you to continue to add functionality to the site as you decide to add more things for your clients to do, or to streamline your own operations by automating registrations, e-commerce, document management, and many other functions.


WordPress is extremely easy to learn and use, even for people with limited computer experience. The various tabs and functions are clearly labeled and come with instructions, making the system quite intuitive. All formatting and difficult applications are done for you, meaning you can create your content and let WordPress do the rest.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines love WordPress sites. They have clean and simple layouts with well-structured content that is easy to understand and evaluate. Using WordPress will improve your site’s search rankings because search engines will easily pick out keywords and understand your content. Additionally, WordPress has tools that evaluate each page of your content in order to properly optimize these pages for search engines.

Professional Designs

The themes that you can use through WordPress will make your website look like a professional brand. These designs look clean, professional, and attractive. The themes are very customizable, making your website unique while maintaining its professional look.

Large Community

It is estimated that 31% of all sites that have a CMS are WordPress sites, which is a very large proportion considering the number of CMS’s to choose from. Therefore, WordPress users make up a very extensive community. It facilitates groups that will help you learn about WordPress and answer any questions you might have. Because there are so many WordPress users, any issues you might be having will likely have easy solutions on Google. Using a WordPress site will make you part of a large community that will improve your user experience. ALSO, and this can’t be understated, the Wordpress code base is open source, meaning you own your copy of it. You won’t be beholden to any developer should you decide to move your Website.

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ImageWorks, LLC | CT Web Design and Rebuilding

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