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The 3 Best Digital Marketing Applications of 2019

Posted by Dean Ravenola on Fri, Aug 30, 2019 @ 10:10 AM

No matter how great your business is, no one is going to hire you if they haven't heard of you. Although a solid marketing plan can make a world of difference when it comes to reaching clients, some companies are still limited by their tech. Digital marketing apps can help with organization, content creation, and provide useful metrics and data. Whether you own a small business or a fortune five hundred company, the applications on this list will help you streamline your marketing process and bring in new clients.



HubSpot is the top application on this list for good reason. Even though HubSpot is currently one of the most extensive marketing application on the market, it actually has a free version available. Although the free version is much more limited than the other plans offered, it still comes with a variety of helpful tools. These tools allow you to set up popup forms, web forms, and live chat software for gathering leads. You can also send kickback emails, analyze site visitor patterns, and manage your pipeline with the free CRM software.

If you decide to spring for one of the paid HubSpot plans, then the tools available become even more complicated. These features range from marketing automation, filtered analytics views, product tracking, team goal tracking, video hosting/management, and much more depending on your plan. Even though some of the more advanced HubSpot plans can get fairly expensive, the variety and flexibility of pricing plans offered can help you start marketing online on any budget.


Another comprehensive digital marketing application is Ahrefs, which includes a variety of SEO tools. Ahrefs is set apart from other marketing software by its focus on identifying links, and provides useful information such as who is linking to the biggest sites in your industry.

Ahrefs also helps you learn from your competitors sites and see where their content ranks. It's Top Pages tool allows you to see the amount of traffic competitors are generating and which of their pages are the most popular. You can even use the Content Gap tool to help identify what content areas you might need to improve upon. Using these tools, you can analyze your competitor's sites and use their digital marketing strategies to optimize your own website traffic.

Google Analytics

Although Google Analytics may seem less comprehensive when compared to some of the other applications mentioned, the fact that it does not cost a cent earned it a spot on this list. This completely free tool is perfect for small business owners who want to analyze their website traffic but can not afford to spring for the most expensive digital marketing software.

Google Analytics provides users important information about their website performance, audience demographics, and popular keywords. The application then consolidates this data into four different categories:

  1. User level - the actions of each user
  2. Session level - each individual visit to your website
  3. Pageview level- every individual page visit
  4. Event level - specific behavior such as button clicks and video views

These metrics can be used to track your digital marketing effectiveness and develop strategies to improve your web presence.

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