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Top 5 LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Thu, Feb 14, 2019 @ 10:15 AM

LinkedIn is a useful marketing tool, especially for B2B businesses. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform created exclusively for businesses and professional networking, it’s an ideal place to promote your business. You can use LinkedIn to attract new customers, generate leads, retain current customers, attract potential hires, and more. Because your company’s LinkedIn page has the potential to be so valuable for marketing purposes, it’s important to make the most of it. We’ve compiled the top 5 tips that can help.


1. Share Educational Content

Share content that you’ve created that demonstrates your company’s expertise in your field. Share articles that solve problems that your target audience experiences in order to improve your company’s reputation and build trust among your audience. Establishing expertise in your field will increase traffic to your LinkedIn page, as readers will look to your company for advice.

It’s also important to make sure that you share content other than your own. When you produce of all of your content, it can seem as if your page is purely self-promotion. However, if you share relevant content from other sources, your page will seem more centered around your audience’s needs. This will build trust among your audience while improving your page’s traffic, as readers will visit your page for industry information.

2. Use Visuals

Incorporating pictures and videos into posts is a great way to capture readers’ attention. When a picture or infographic accompanies a text post, click through rates increase. Because visuals are more popular than purely textual content, it’s important to give your followers what they want. Videos are growing in popularity as well. Short, 15-second videos are a great way to get a quick message across to readers, while longer videos work will to spread awareness of an event or to interview an employee. Visual media is a great way to improve click through rates of posts on your page.

3. Engage Your Audience

Be sure to create content that encourages commenting and sharing in order to create a conversation with your readers. Ask questions or hold contests that encourage readers to share their best story about a certain topic. Share your own stories and personal anecdotes that will resonate with people who read them. You should also encourage your employees to share their own stories on your page to encourage engagement. Be sure to reply to people’s comments on posts as well to keep the conversation going and show your followers that your company cares about them and what they have to say.

4. Use Paid Content

Organic growth of your LinkedIn page is great, but utilizing paid content can help generate leads quickly. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of tools to target your ads based on location, industry, and job position. You can create sponsored content sure to reach your target audience, or sponsored InMail that arrives directly in the InMail box of your targets. Using paid content can help attract new potential hires, other professionals in your industry, and potential clients who want to learn more about your business and your industry.

5. Share Your Company Culture

LinkedIn is a professional network, and as such, it’s the perfect place to talk about your company culture. Give your company a personality and show that there are faces behind your business by sharing information about the goings on in your workday. These methods will promote trust in your brand and make people want to learn more about your company. Because LinkedIn is all about linking professionals with other professionals, it’s a great network for sharing information about your company culture.


Imageworks, LLC | CT Social Media Management

LinkedIn is a great resource to help grow your business, but managing it yourself can be a difficult task. Sometimes it’s best to call in the experts! Whether you are just getting started or have a page in place that needs fine tuning, ImageWorks can help you join the Social Media wave to get yourself recognized and generate more business. Market yourself and your brand to the 100’s of millions of online interactive users.

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