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What Are The Best Ways To Promote My Blog Posts?

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 02:30 PM

Promote Blog PostConsider this: you've spent hours crafting a thoughtful, informed blog post. Then, you hit publish and you're ready for the Internet to witness your brilliance. You're bound to pull in a bunch of eyes to read your post; yet, two hours after publishing your masterpiece, it's hardly received any attention. Unfortunately, writing engaging content is only the first step towards creating a succesful blog. While you are developing your blog, you can't just wait around for your posts to succeed, you will need to move on to the next step: content promotion. Content promotion is integral for creating a succesful blog, so you will have to share your posts in order for others to find it.  Check out these basic tips to understand how you should promote your blog posts.

Create A Few Small Praises About Your Post

To get the rumor mill buzzing on the content of your post, you’re going to need to share your blog post on several different social media outlets at several different times. Each different out calls for a different type and length of promotion and each time you share your post, you want to describe it differently. No one wants to see a tweet with the same title of your blog posted ten times throughout the day. Create a variety of little tid-bits to use each time you share your content, consisting of variations of your post’s title or stats/quotes from your content.

Utilize Groups Or Communities Through Social Media

Existing groups that you are involved in is a great way to promote your blog. By sharing your content in places in LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, or other outlets of social media that cater to your specific niche, you are sure to find a surplus of readers that will be interested in your blog post. As an example, if you wrote a blog post about using an editorial calendar, a Google+ community for blogging or for blog management will be a great place to share your post.

Including social media share buttons within your post is a tremendous tool in helping with your blog content promotion. It’s important to give your readers an easy and direct way to share you blog post. Be sure to use buttons that you reader can easily decipher which outlet they’re sharing to and help them even more by including a pre-written summary in the text box. Another tool of successful blog promotion is utilizing #hashtags. Hashtags are a great tool to get the word of your greatest post ever, especially on Twitter. These link to search results and can help users find your post with greater ease.

Imaging and Quotation

Images capture attention. When scrolling through an article, it is human nature that the eye is first drawn to a picture. Rather than writing social media posts with only a link to you blog, include an image that encapsulates what your blog is trying to convey. It takes more space on a potential reader’s feed, increasing the likelihood of him/her being brought to your post and being enlightened by your greatest post ever written.

If you linked to someone else’s blog post in your content, send that individual an email telling them so. Everyone loves to hear that you’ve used his or her content as a source and it’s flattering to hear that someone else values your work. Include a link to your post so that they can check it out for themselves, and maybe, just maybe, if they like it, they’ll share it for you, keeping the promotional world spinning.  

Ask Questions To Engage Readers

The key for successful content promotion is getting your readers to engage with your social media shares. By asking questions that are relevant to your content, and also including them in your post, you are more likely to have reader engagement. It seems like the work of a blogger is never done but as soon as you write one great blog post, you have to work on promoting it. Once that is done, it’s time to write another great blog post. However, there is a silver lining, writing your great blog post will be your content promotion strategy because your readers will do all the work for you.

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