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What Are the Most Common Social Media Mistakes for Small Businesses?

Posted by Sarah Gamache on Wed, Apr 20, 2022 @ 11:15 AM


Being on top of your social media is essential for any small business. Although social media is necessary in your strategy, some small businesses still struggle to find their niche online. What are some of the most common social media mistakes for small businesses? Continue reading to avoid these costly mistakes.


Not Engaging with Brand Activity

Building a social media presence can be a timely process. Often times, small businesses make the common social media mistake of not engaging with activity on their pages. Engaging in your page through reviews, comments, and re shares is an easy way to get exposure for your business. Control the narrative you wish to set on social media for your brand.

Not Having a Selling Strategy

You don’t want to oversell your brand online as much as you don’t want to undersell it. Finding a good balance in your strategy to selling on social media is critical to your brand’s image. Pushing products too hard on social media may make your brand come off as unauthentic. A common method used to avoid overselling your brand is to create a story to go along with your products. Sell the lifestyle, not the product itself.

Being Unable to Give Back on Social Media

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You have to give to get back”. This saying applies to all aspects of life, but it is certainly true for small businesses on social media. Businesses who give back on social media in the terms of follows, reshares, and jumping into conversations tend to do better on social media than businesses who do not give back online. Like the saying, "What goes around comes around.", putting in effort to grow others online will in turn help to grow your business. 

*Be sure to always get approval before resharing a user’s personal post on your business page

Failing to Provide Differentiation on Platforms

A very common mistake social media mistake that small businesses make is not creating differentiation on their social media platforms. Sharing the same content on every platform your business uses can get boring for users to interact with. Make your business more relevant online by assigning platforms to have specific functions. For example, your business posts strictly video and photo content to Instagram featuring its products, while Facebook is used to push promotions and events.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

A final common social media mistake that small businesses make is spreading themselves out too thin on social media. Social media can be an exciting, easily accessible business tool as it is free to use. Often times, small businesses are quick to take advantage the convenience of social media and spread their business too thin over many platforms. Focusing on the platform/platforms that work for your business is more efficient than spreading yourself over every social media platform currently created.

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