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What Makes a Good Copywriter?

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Jun 18, 2019 @ 01:15 PM

Many businesses understand the importance of a good content marketing strategy to help grow your business. One of the most important parts of a strong content marketing strategy is the creation of quality content that your customers want to read. To produce quality content, you need a good copywriter. We’ve compiled a list of the top attributes that a good copywriter should have to help you find the right one to help grow your business.copywriter

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Strong Writing Skills

This attribute is probably the most obvious one, but a good copywriter is a good writer in general. They should be very knowledgeable about proper grammar and style guidelines. They should know how to write a compelling article that people want to read. Your copywriter should be able to write clear, detailed content that is easy to read and understand. Without strong writing skills, other attributes such as good ideas, fresh perspectives, and a point of view are meaningless.

A New Perspective

On a daily basis, most people are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. Therefore, most of us are used to blocking out these messages. A good copywriter can find a new angle to get people to pay attention. He or she should find an angle that resonates with an audience and find a larger story behind the message. Copy with a new angle is more likely to grab the audience’s attention and resonate.

Marketing Expertise

Your copywriter should be very knowledgeable about modern copywriting. He or she should not attempt to make the content high-minded or too detailed. The content should be marketing-driven and focused on educating the consumer with direct, simple language. Your copywriter should also be highly knowledgeable about proper SEO tactics in order to ensure that your content is easily accessible to your potential customers.

Research Skills

Your copywriter should be very knowledgeable about the field they’re writing about. However, it is not necessary for your copywriter to initially be an expert in your field. Instead, it is important to find a copywriter with strong research skills who is committed to seeking out the information they don’t have. Strong research skills are essential in a good copywriter to present accurate information and make sure they are addressing the questions that your customers want to know.

Real-World Connections

It’s important to connect the product or service being sold with real people’s experiences. Strong copy connects the product to people’s lives. A good copywriter understands the target audience and how the audience can benefit from your product or service. He or she can then use the real-life experience to convince members of the audience that your product or service will enhance their lives.

Lead-Writing Skills

One of the most important aspects of good copy is a strong lead. The purpose of the first line of content is to get your audience to read on to the second line. Therefore, it’s important to write leads that will draw attention and make audience members want to read on. A good copywriter can write strong leads that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to continue to read the rest of the content.

Listening Skills

It’s essential that your copywriter fully understands your core market. He or she should listen to your potential customers to learn about their wants and needs. Listening closely to your audience is the best way to ensure that your content is properly targeted to your audience and that it addresses their needs and concerns.

Ability to Move On

Quality content is important, but your copywriter should not be a perfectionist. Copywriters must produce a high volume of content. Therefore, they cannot be worried about perfection or preoccupied with multiple rewrites. Instead, they must be able to move on from a piece of content they write to get to the next project. Although any piece of content could be continually changed and improved, a good copywriter knows when his or her content is strong enough to accept and publish.


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