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What Makes a Successful Call to Action Button?

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Jun 12, 2018 @ 11:00 AM

successful call to actionCreating content is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy. It can help educate consumers, answering their questions and providing them with valuable knowledge to inform their buying decisions. When content includes a call to action button, it becomes even more valuable. Calls to action will add even more valuable for consumers while helping you gain contacts to turn into leads. We’ve broken down the most important factors of a successful call to action to help you get more leads. 

Adding Value for Consumers

To be successful, a call to action needs to add value for your consumers. The offer should be relevant to the content in which it’s included. In addition to relevance to the topic, it should match the reader’s stage of the buyer’s journey. For example, a general overview of your field might include a call to action for a more detailed ebook, while a post comparing different services would be better suited for a call to action for a free consultation. Successful calls to action add value for your readers and help usher them into the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

Including a Form

To provide the most value for you, your calls to action should include forms. When the reader clicks on the call to action, it should take them to a form. In order to receive the offer, they will need to fill out the form. These forms will provide you with their contact information, allowing you to turn them into leads and earn their business. Within the form, you can also ask questions that will help segment your different buyer personas and identify which readers are valuable prospects. While the offer provides valuable for the consumer, the form provides value for you.

Proper Placement

To have the most success with your calls to action, they will need proper placement within your content. Typically, calls to action are best placed at the end of your content, at the bottom of the page. It’s important to avoid disrupting the flow of your content with calls to action. However, sometimes relevant calls to actions might be best placed underneath a specific section in the middle of your post. When placing calls to action, you should take care to avoid any disruption in your content.

Eye-Catching Design

In order to encourage readers to click on your call to action, it should be eye-catching. Your design should be simple, with bold text and bright colors. You should avoid including too many colors and stick to a clear color scheme, but make sure it pops and catches the eye. A simple image can also make the call to action more attractive. You should also make use of whitespace to draw more attention. When your call to action has an eye-catching design, readers will be more likely to notice and to click it.

Appealing Text

You should choose the text for your call to action carefully. It should include action words like “download,” “try,” or “contact.” Although it’s important to keep the text brief, you should communicate the value of the offer. Tell your readers what they’re getting out of the call to action, whether they’ll get more information, a free appointment, or something else that they’ll find valuable. It’s important to let your readers know why they should click on the call to action through commanding and simple language.


Because such a large portion of internet surfing is done on mobile devices, your calls to action need to be mobile-friendly to be successful. Make sure that your call to action is clickable and responsive on mobile devices. You should also verify that your forms and content load quickly and well on mobile devices. If your calls to action are only successful on a computer, they will not yield the best possible results.


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