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Professional Web Design Additions To Help Your Business Stand Out?

Posted by Kelsey Ringuette on Mon, May 09, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Every business needs a professional web design that separates them from the rest. It's no longer enough to simply provide a list of services and an “About Us" section on your site.

Your customers must be able to place orders, ask questions and find the information they are wanting through a seamless and easy-to-navigate online experience. 

Are you sitting thinking to yourself, what website additions will help my business stand out so I can generate more traffic and increase sales?  In this post, we will discuss some professional web design additions to improve your website and help your business stand out from the online crowd. 


Providing Visuals/Videos

Using visuals on your website is an effective method for increasing engagement and generating traffic, as you have the ability to entertain, educate, and build trust with your viewers in a more distinct way than text can provide. Visuals such as adding infographics into your content offer the reader a simpler way to understand complex information and statistics. Visuals also improve your website design, appealing to larger audience and adding an appealing stylish component.

Additionally, videos have become a popular trend that can expand your brand and prove to  users that you are a relevant and credible  source. According to brainshark, "93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, or communications," and it makes sense too as a reported "65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video" (Source). 

Implementing short instructional videos on your site can be an appealing way to introduce educational concepts, demonstrate how to use your products and show off client success stories. Online video marketing is a great web design addition to help your business stand out. 

Offering High Quality Content

Content quality sets your content marketing apart. Provide content that is unique, intriguing informative, and most importantly, relevant to the user. Take this opportunity to add valuable keywords but remember to write for the reader not just for SEO purposes. To gain new customers and obtain loyal readers you need to be creating content that is valuable to your audience. What sort of content would they be interested in? Keeping this question in mind, be sure to provide content they are looking for that also relates to your products and services.

The best way to find the content your audience is interested in, is to talk with your existing customers and better understand their likes and dislikes. More than likely, their interests will coincide with new prospects. After analyzing your customers, you should get a better idea of the topics to write about that will intrigue more people and generate more leads. 

Google is constantly observing brands to ensure they provide excellent user experience from the web properties. New updates are designed to evaluate user experience so stay ahead of the game by focusing on quality content and user experience.

Adding CTAs For Easier Access 

Call to action buttons are available for users to click on to access more information such as a guide or an offer. A simple "click here" button isn't going to make the cut anymore. Your website should have colorful and appealing CTAs that lead people to the information they want. 

A great CTA button can direct users, get them to take a desired action, improve conversion rates, and ultimately improve your lead generation. Let your users take action when they are happy with the information they read and utilizing CTAs will allow you to achieve that. However, it's important to think strategically and creatively to ensure your CTA is successfully achieving the objective. With proper placement, simple but colorful design, and catchy text, you are well on your way to offering valuable call to actions on your website that help you stand out from the crowd. 

Displaying Social Media Icons

It's not surprising that social media plays a huge role in marketing. To be successful in the online world, having a presence on social media is a must. If you feel your target audience is an older demographic and therefore do not need to dabble with the extra work, you may be harming your business more than you know. In fact, according to Outbound Engine, all age groups have a strong presence on social media, with users 65 and older making up the fastest-growing age bracket in 2015, and rising.

That expanding segment is followed closely by 18- to 29-year-olds (Smart Insights). So not only should you have a presence but you should also have an effective social media strategy and icons on your website that make finding you on social media easy.  Social icons are important for the user as well as improving your organic SEO efforts. These icons are vital because Google now embeds Twitter tweets into search results, so you can expect social media to grow in importance of search visibility. 

Check out the free strategy session below, to implement professional web design additions that will turn your website into a lead generating machine. 

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