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Which Outdated Digital Marketing Strategies Should You Abandon In 2023?

Posted by Brandon Choquette on Tue, Dec 20, 2022 @ 08:00 AM


What's the most challenging aspect of leveraging digital marketing strategies for your business? The constant changes. Unlike other sectors, digital marketers are subject to unexpected updates and industry shifts-- at any time. Worst of all, if you're not quick enough to adapt, your business and livelihood could be at risk-- it's essential that you remain vigilant.

And, it's not just Google that online marketers need to worry about, but also the latest gadget innovations.

As you are constructing your marketing plan for 2023, keep these dying trends in mind. Don't count on what worked for you before, rather, learn what has changed and come up with new ideas and new methods to leverage the technology at hand.

The Uncreative Use Of Stock Imagery On Websites

Trends continue to point out that videos and personalized photography lead to higher conversions, showing that a real human created the post. This proves to be evident that both brands and businesses alike are transitioning in order to provide users with a lively and personalized experience.

Static Content Is Starting To Generate Static Results

For years marketers have created whitepapers, infographics, videos and case studies for people and search engines, yet marketers now need to shift attention towards more engaging content. Try to create useful tools that are built to last like calculators, training for prospective customers and other pieces of content that keep people clicking, pressing, swiping and sharing information with you that you can use in your sales process.

This transition may appear shocking at first glance, but it is a natural evolution of Inbound Marketing, as marketers continue to create content that is useful for all time.

Posting Content Without Strategy

I mean, c'mon?!? This dying trend makes the most sense compared with the other trends that are on their way out. Do you know the age ranges, genders, likes, dislikes, and general buying habits of your ideal customers? If not, 2023 will be a great time to hone in on your buyer personas, editorial calendars and competitive analysis.

Creating content based on a broader strategy will be crucial for sustaining awareness and engagement over time. Ad-hoc content marketing will ultimately be left behind in 2022.

Email Blasts Falling Out Of Favor

It's likely that we'll see fewer marketers relying heavily on "email blasts" in their traditional one-size-fits all approach in 2023. Rather, marketers will continue to develop their strategy using email automation and personalization to create smaller email campaigns that are highly customized to a specific individual or small group. At this point, marketing automation software has evolved enough where it is easy and affordable for in-house marketers to begin using it and getting results.

Providing personalized emails that are tailored to the individual is crucial, as it's a chance for the brand to connect with the user in a personal way, as you set up a long-term committed relationship. HubSpot's email tools are robust and offer the ability to add in "personalization tokens," making it easier for marketers to adapt in the Near year.

Relying Solely On Keywords

Believe me, implementing logical keyword usage is still important. Keywords give us insight towards what users search for, however, relying on them is a momentous mistake-- and it will continue to be so in the following years ahead. Simply, Google (and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing) are constantly evolving; making their algorithms more complex and able to detect fake or disingenuous content.

Don't stop using and researching keywords just yet, rather, use them as a guide. Google has been implementing semantic search for a while now, which means it values similar terms that gives deeper meaning to content. Instead of racing against Google, use it to your advantage as it has already provided digital marketers with most of what they need to  create engaging content. What matters is the quality of presentation.

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