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Who Actually Reads My Business’s Blog?

Posted by Catherine Hatch on Tue, Feb 12, 2019 @ 10:45 AM

If you know anything about SEO, you’ve probably heard that a blog is an important part of your business’s website. Many businesses blog tirelessly for months and months because some SEO strategist told them to, without ever stopping to think about who’s actually reading these posts. Have you ever wondered who is actually reading your business’s blog? We’ve broken down the answer for you below.




One of the most important aspects of blogging is its impact on your SEO strategy. Google and other search engines are constantly combing your blog posts to determine the value of your content. When you blog frequently about topics that are educational and informative, Google will see your website as a reliable, good-quality site. The result of this classification is better ranking on search results. For many businesses, this Google rank is the main focus of their blogging efforts. However, search engines aren’t the only ones reading through your blog content.

Your Customers

Your customers will often read your blog posts, especially if you provide interesting, educational, and relevant content. Whenever your customers have a question about your industry or business, they can turn to your blog for answers. Quality business blogs are full of helpful tips and common questions that your customers might have, so your customers can utilize your blog to get the information they need. Blogging with your customers in mind is a great way to show your customers you care about them and are devoted to serving them however possible.

Potential Customers

One of the top benefits of blogging for businesses is the ability to nurture leads through educational content. Potential customers will often stumble on your blog when searching for answers to questions related to your industry. If your business weatherproofs windows, they might end up on your website when searching something like “how to lower heating costs in the winter.” Through a helpful blog post, they will learn about your services and receive valuable tips related to their search. When your blog can answer all of the questions and problems potential customers have, they will trust your business and be more likely to choose you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

People in Your Industry

As jobs become more competitive, smart workers are always trying to learn more about their industry. If your blog is a quality educational resource, people in your industry will read it to verify things they already knew and learn new things. When your business blog becomes a resource that other people in your industry turn to for information, you will become a thought leader in your industry. Through your blog, you can gain a strong reputation in your field, which will help you attract more customers and the best employees.

Your Competitors

Related to people in your industry, if your blog is a high quality one, your competitors are probably reading it. Many businesses with strong blogs notice that their competitors are often writing blog posts similar to their own a few weeks after a post is published. Don’t take your competitors mimicking your blog topics as a bad thing. If your competitors are looking to you for ideas, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Additionally, people who are reading both of your blogs will notice that your competitors are using your blog ideas, increasing your own reputation while lowering theirs. When your blog is full of high-quality, educational posts, it’s not just an SEO tool, it’s a true resource.


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