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WWIII: Vine vs. Instagram Video

Posted by ImageWorks Intern on Thu, Jul 04, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Last week Instagram and Facebook launched their new video service, Instagram video, in order to compete with Twitter’s Vine app. Instragram’s video offers the user 15 seconds to shoot a desired subject and is completely editable. So, while we’ve provided you with tips on how to use Instagram video for your marketing advantage, should you continue with Vine? Will users stay loyal to the infantile platform or switch over to Instagram, which was delivered to them in a simple app update?

Before comparing the two outlets, make sure you understand each app on its own and how to use it.


Twitter’s video service allows users to create quick, six-second films, composed of as many clips as the user wants to fit into that allotted time. Vine has mostly found its success in stop-motion videos and in such inbound marketing campaigns like Lowe’s #lowesfixinsix advertisements.


Previously, and currently, an editing app using filters to create rustic or enhanced photos, Instagram has carried this technology over to videos. The videos come with 13 new filters to create what Instagram calls a “comfort zone” and enables users to delete their last clip or to just keep on filming.

But who’s winning the race?

While the social media population has not completely abandoned Vine just yet, Instagram has been out-pacing Vine since its debut. Within the first 24 hours of Instagram’s launch, more than 5 million videos were created through the application and shared through Twitter. A Marketing Land report shows a drop in Vine creations, from 3 million on June 15 to less than 900,000 just less than a week later. Additionally, the day Instagram video became available Vine shares dropped by 40% and has not regained much momentum sinc WWIII: Vine vs. Instagram Video e. And to add even more fuel to fire, there are twice as many top 100 brands on Instagram video than there are on Vine.However, Vine is creating some growth opportunity for itself, as it just became available for Kindle Fire and Android users on Friday.

instagram vs. vine

Which one is better?

So, with the creation of Instagram videos, many inbound marketers have been asking which is better, which one should be used, and if both can be used by one company? The answer is simple. Neither is better than the other, except that Instagram offers longer videos (but Vine will likely increase their time frame to better compete in the future) and you are able to use both. If you have been using Vine as part of your inbound marketing strategy for the past few months, you’ve likely built up a community and engaged followers on the platform, so why throw that away now? Unless your followers abandon Vine, there is no reason that you should too.

If you choose to utilize both Instagram and Vine in your marketing campaigns, do not duplicate your content. Each site has different types of followers, Vine users sought out the sight specifically to see videos, while Instagram users are accustomed to scrolling through pictures. So far, Vine has proven themselves worthy of handling company PR announcements, such as Taco Bell’s Cool Ranch Doritos or Wolverine’s movie premiere. Instagram videos seem to be aimed at those who are more introspective and artsy, proving itself a good way to humanize your company.

More important than the platform upon which you share your content, is the type of content you are putting out there. Creating high quality platform creates interest in your company and a user on one platform is bound to share it to users on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook so that both Vines and Instagram videos are readily viewable. So for now, the battle for short-format videos is still up-in-the-air.

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