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Responsive Web Design: What Devices Are Consumers Using?

Posted by Jeffrey Cohen on Fri, Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:45 AM

It's no surprise that we live in an era of technology. Look around next time you're at a restaurant and you'll see people on their devices more than you'll see them communicating with the person across the table. What does this mean for businesses? It means that change is inevitable and it's time to jump on the technology bandwagon. The majority of businesses have already made the transition but how do you really know what devices are being used and why? 


The Three Main Devices

Desktops/Laptops: The Long Time Users

Consumers using a laptop typically have a specific task in mind. They are either using this device to get work done or to study and explore different topics. These consumers plan to do more extensive research and require detailed information from the sources they are looking at. Laptop users are the ones who will search and look for articles and guides to learn more about different products and services. By creating blogs on a consistent basis and adding CTA buttons on your website that lead to guides and offers, you will better attract these specific users. 

Mobile Devices: The All The Time Users

Mobile usage is at an all time high with over 200 million users in the United States owning a smartphone and these users spending an average of three hours a day on this device. Be ready as these numbers only seem to be rising. When using a smaller screen, people want information quickly. This is why businesses utilize apps, add more images and videos as well as integrate their system with a responsive website design

Tablets: The Everything Users 

Tablets may not be the most popular device but they bridge the gap between laptop and mobile. They can be used for extensive research but they are also commonly used for entertainment. What should businesses know about these users? Tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates on e-commerce websites at 8.58%. As an ecommerce business, you should give more time and attention to the design and user experience for this version of your website (Source).  

Integrating A Responsive Website

The business world has moved beyond mobile. With different technology coming out everyday, your business can't ignore the best ROI comes from fully integrated marketing programs. Instead of creating different websites to work on various devices, a responsive website allows you to have the same system function effectively on each. A huge benefit of responsive designed websites are that they are specifically coded for screen size, not device. No matter the screen size someone is viewing your website, it will still have the proper look and feel for that device.  As new devices, like TVs, computers, tablets, or mobile phones, emerge in the future, your responsive site will be able to adapt, and still retain it's original design. This means, ignoring mobile screens as well as other devices is just not an option from a modern marketing standpoint. When it comes to catering to normal desktop computers and mobile devices, you need to be proactive. If you aren't, you are really just hurting yourself by limiting your website and it's usability. 

ImageWorks | Responsive Web Design  

Our custom designed solutions are built around your individual needs, and focused on your specific messaging, functionality, and inbound lead generation needs in mind. Our state of the art knowledge and continuous research and development efforts always take advantage of the newest technologies, insuring your project will be cross platform compatible, mobile ready, and easy to use.

Do you need inbound marketing tools and a responsive web design? Do you want to make sure it's with a company you can trust to provide the best results? Take a look at the video below to see what it's like to do business with ImageWorks and attain a better understanding of what we can do for you. 

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