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5 Inspiring Inbound Marketing Blogs You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted by Rachelyn Provencher on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 @ 11:19 AM

If you are an inbound marketer, or work with an inbound marketing agency, then you understand the importance of excellent blogging. Inbound marketing blogs provide high quality content that industry leaders and potential consumers are actually looking for. Sure, a little bit of fluff can be fun, but what we really want to read is awesome content that will actually make us feel a little bit smarter afterward.

While it may seem like we are 24 hour content generating machines, sometimes we just love to indulge in some addictive inbound marketing blogs. In our opinion, the best blogs we read are the ones that make people change the way they think about inbound marketing. All of our favorite inbound marketing bloggers not only inspire us to become better inbound marketers, but challenge us to think outside of that silly proverbial box.

So prepare to be enlightened, challenged and mesmerized by some of our favorite inbound marketing blogs (in no particular order, though we especially favor #1.)

ImageWorks, LLC 

We really couldn't resist putting ourselves on our list of favorite inbound marketing bloggers. We may be a growing CT inbound marketing agency, but boy are we fierce! You can catch us writing about Facebook, inbound marketing tips, business blogging, Pinterest and our favorite MLB team, the Red Sox. Our real specialty is web design, since that is our true point of origin. Oh, and occasionally we make some pretty fun infographics on why inbound marketing is taking over the universe! 

inbound marketing tips


Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas has a list of achievements a mile long, including Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers by Forbes, Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010 and a Klout Score of 81. More impressive than his accolades, however, is his blog. Jeff has a way on infusing humor and wit with some really impressive content. We always look to Jeff's blog to get us excited and reenergized about social media and inbound marketing.

inbound marketing agency


To us, Hubspot is the King of inbound marketing blogs. We like to think of Hubspot as a 24-7 inbound marketing grocery store that has everything we could possibly need. In fact, they do brand themselves as "all inbound marketing, all the time." We religiously read Hubspot blogs because they provide real, tangible data that we just can't get enough of. Oh, and since we can't really write a song about how much we love Hubspot, we wrote a blog instead.

inbound marketing ct

The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan's enthusiasm for inbound marketing is absolutely infectious. Marcus epitomizes a "regular" guy who grew his small pool business into an empire due to his inbound marketing efforts. We love his frank attitude and his ability to connect inbound marketing to almost everything. If you haven't watched any of The Sales Lion videos, then prepare for a mind meld and click here! **Disclaimer: your mind may literally explode with awe!**

inbound marketing tips

Whole Brain Marketing Blog

Weidert Group's "Whole Brain Marketing Blog" is definitely a winner in our book. We love how thorough they are in every post, with topics of discussion that range from LinkedIn tips to Google Plus Cover Photos. Plus, they post a new blog almost every day so we never get bored. If you want to read a blog that covers the gamut of inbound marketing, public relations, social media and web design, then make sure to check out these Wisconsin bloggers!

ct inbound marketing


Well there you have it, some of our favorite inbound marketing blogs. We recommend grabbing a latte and taking the next hour to immerse yourself in inbound marketing blog goodness. Don't forget, if you want to start a blog of you own, feel free to call us

If you have any more inbound marketing blogs that you would like included in our list, you are welcome to leave a comment below. We want to share the inbound marketing love with all of our readers!


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